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View Thread: Vista, IE7 and Office 2007 banned from DOT use
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    Seriously?! I'm sure that Aspen 2.8.1, ISS 2.11, ProVu 3.1.1, and Capri 6.5 all refuse to even think about upgrading their software to work on Vista. Only a half-minded twit would need to create a "moratorium" on upgrading to the next version of any OS immeadiately following its release.

    We get it, now isn't the best time for "you" to upgrade, but do you need to make it a public affair? Either this guy is bored, or just another over-paid government clown.  Maybe someone should call him and find out if he's planning to go public for all his technology decisions.

    Daniel Mintz
    Chief Information Officer
    Department of Transportation