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Information Overload and Cheat Sheets

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    I class myself as a relative newcomer to the world of .NET and feel belittled by the day, as all this new and interesting technology comes out, but one cannot fit enough hours in the day to explore it. I'm sure most 9'er developers have a varied past in their development maturation, so I shan't bore you all to death with my academic history.

    I converted from C++ to .NET primarily, C# and ASP.NET 2.0 (at the moment) and have found some useful places to get information and tutorials from like or, not forgetting as well as Scott Guthrie's blog!

    Two things I really "struggled" with coming to .NET were the slippery delegates which this blog cleared, and creating webform tabs which vanquished! I must say that I love the Expression web IDE insofar as designing webpages and it's addition to the Visual Studio express editions would be great (creating web tabs and easier CSS editing, why struggle learning things that are now so ubiquitous).

    Where have you found to be an essential resource in your development, especially when things got "sticky", that allowed you to progress rapidly that people may or may not be glossing over?

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