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    BHpaddock said:
    K0ogle said:

    Why are you blaming Explorer for bad video thumbnails?  If you have broken thumbnails, it's because you have a broken thumbnailer.  Specifically, you probably have busted video codecs.  I bet you're one of those people who installs those god awful "codec pack" things and then blames Explorer when the codec pack screws up.

    pretty arrogant response to assume I just install video codec packs.

    "If you have broken thumbnails"

    who said anything about broken thumbnails, I'm not saying it can't have anything to do with shity video codecs and the whole screwed up mess of getting videos codecs to play nicely seeing as there is no real easy way of maintaining codecs and there file associations on windows.. (just a another poor shity area, no wonder people use codec packs and end up installing other * that isn't really needed, although CCCP isn't bad, not that you'd have a clue I'm guessing).. but its seems to be left upto outside development of decent video players like zoomplayer and kmplayer to take control of there own video codec associations and to offer more control over the mess.. not something i'd count on crapy a WMP to do properly or to offer much configurability on.

    "Why are you blaming Explorer for bad video thumbnails"

    perhaps you weren't getting what I was talking about, the movie thumbnails are generated from the 1st frame of a clip.. now how stupid is that when most movie clips start off with a black frame first! why is there no easy thumbnail customization dialog with options to say look  just generate the thumbs with options like middle of the movie, or this many frames in.. or even better a just more intelligent thumb generation that just uses the first frame that doesn't appear to be all black. I mean it might aswel do it fking properly when it is generating thumbs regardless if it takes that bit longer do it right.