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    JKelley wrote:
    FrankPalinkas wrote: 
    PaoloM wrote: As usual, the answer is "it depends"

    My boxes are all Vista, as all my team. Many testers run both Vista and XP on their day to day machines (plus having access to all the versions on the test machines) for quick verifications.

    I don't know what web developers use for ASP.NET, but pretty much all my devs work in Vista now.

    FWIW, all of the MSFT Team Leaders and members at the sessions I attended at the MVP Global Summit this past week were running Vista (sheesh, what an incredible show!). Didn't ask if they were on a dual-boot scenario.

    BTW, I'm interviewing this morning for a position on Paul Cornell's VS SDK team at Building 41 starting at 09:30. If any of you on campus are available, please come in and wish me luck (i'm sure i'll need all i can get )? I'd like to say "hi" before leaving for the WritersUA Annual conference in Long Beach. CA, to give a presentation on my last Fast Track tutorial. Thanks!

    Good luck!  I'm in building 41 myself, I've worked a little bit with some of the SDK team, they're a good group of people.

    Hi J,

    Apologies if you came looking for me....I was in and out of different staff offices all day, one on one interviews - started at 09:30, finished at 17:30 - was offered lunch, but declined to keep things moving. I hope to be hearing back from the lead recruiter early this coming week, but am keeping a healthy attitude of no expectations. Seriously, i really enjoyed the whole was one, if not the best positive experience I ever had, regardless of what the Team's decision will be.