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Petitioning CNET's Vista Upgrade Advisor

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    So rather than just sit here on the forums fuming all the time, I decided I'm going to start a petition against CNET to take down or fix their ridiculous Vista Upgrade Advisor. It's time for the Windows side to start speaking up against the FUD.

    I could be civil and just email them, but I doubt they'd care or even notice.

    Here's the petition:

    Spread the word!

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    May we have a link to the petition?

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    As soon as I submit it.

    I figured I'd get some feedback from you guys first.

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    i didnt read all that but most

    sure - do it good idea

    i posted about everyone says vista you need this and that when for me it was like zoom - same machine

    go fr' it eh?  (canuck)

    * but say nvidia and ati are lamers Wink


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    I just ran it on my new Dell E1705 w/ Vista Premium. Not suprisingly, I failed. Primarily the video card; it claims I only have 13Meg on my video card or some such nonsense. It's a 256M card and I have no problem running Vista at all.

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    jamie wrote:
    go fr' it eh?  (canuck)

    Yay for St. Patrick's day Smiley

    Anyway, done:

    Now I just need to figure out a way to get people to see this thing... can you guys help?

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