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Ever dreamed about C9?

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    Trolls got into my head, they finally got me now and are hunting me...

    Ok not really, last night I dreamed C9 crew finally implemented that anti-troll tech.
    And my posts were marked as troll posts. In the band on top of your posts where your name is was added 'Troll' Tongue Out I was furious, and wondering who made this mistake, I was also thinking if I went somewhere too far in my previous posts. Luckily, I wake up then Smiley

    So have you dreamed about C9, and what were dreams about?

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    In a word... no.

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    yes and no

    sort of asleep - half clicking refresh in my mind  - or replaying post wordings ive made over and over...

    then you fall asleep

    but as for dreaming no

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    Get. Out. More.

    Please. Big Smile It's bad enough referring to things going "off-screen" when you mean out of sight, but dreaming of websites is getting a little extreme don'tchathink?

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