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    Rory wrote:
    Now, what I was wondering was why Scoble didn't link back to my post in response to his.

    After all, he's the one who advocates conducting the "conversation" via posts rather than comments.

    What I've learned is that the conversation is actually a speech - it's one way. He wants you to link to him, but he doesn't want anybody to see what you've written. He doesn't link to the strong arguments against his (such as mine, if you don't mind a little lack of himility).

    Bingo, he doesn't want a conversation. He linked to me just because I said I wasn't subscribed to his blog anymore. He missed the entire point of the post, which was that Techmeme is mis-named and should be called TechBizMeme, just to puff his videos and link blog up and try to prove how wrong I was about not reading his blog. If he links to you then he doesn't get to control and spin the "conversation".

    But hell, Shelley Powers called this a year ago the LAST time I mentioned that I didn't subscribe to Scoble.

    "Most of all, lately you’ve been demanding that we do this and do that–outrageous. And then when people just plain disagree, you call it a flame.

    I don’t think you want dialog. I don’t think you want conversation. And I don’t think you really care about the flames as long as the buzz is still there."

    I noticed that he linked to the PodTech site a total of 3 times in those two posts on Rorys site. His link blog twice. It's all about spreading the links around to soak up the Google juice.