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    Chadk wrote:

    Im sorry for off-topic posting. But im not suprised.

    Someone in here, a few weeks ago, actually made a pos in a thread, just joking like "haha, mix attendes are likely getting expression studio.. "

    And it came true!

    Microsoft Mix 07 May Surprise?

    Posted by raymond // Tue, Feb 27, 2007 5:20 PM

    Carl Franklin hinted at a Microsoft Mix 07 May Surprise Anouncement today on his .dotnetrocks show.

    Even Carl and Richard do not know what the May surprise is!


    My guesses:
    1. Expression Studio 2007 Released To Manufacturing

    2. A "Free Copy" of Expression Studio 2007 given to all attendess

    3. A "Free Copy" of Beta for Visual Studio 2008 given to all attendess

    4. Release of WPF/E

    5.  Next version of Expression Studio will add two new applications, Edit ( a Non-linear editor for video) and Effects (motion graphics).

    Eagle Posted:

    Super Secret Offer - FREE Windows Vista Ultimate

    raymond thread:

    Would love to attend MIX 07, but when I added up the cost of airfare, hotel room, registration, and lost pay, I will have to pass.

    A free copy of the Expression Suite would interesting, if it were ready to go RTM.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    Way to go Microsoft Marketing and the Expression Studio Team!  Smiley