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    Rossj wrote:
    Have Apple finally realised that developers are actually useful? Will they stop releasing products that kill products written by small indie developers? Is it just all about Sales.  I suspect the latter, but isn't it the case with all companies?  Isn't 'developers, developers, developers' all about Sales as well?
    Back in the Apple ][ days, they *seemed* to care a lot more about developers. The "indie" industry also seemed to be a lot more devoted...and there were several third party development houses around...Beagle Bros., Br0derbund, Sierra Software and many others. It was a lot of fun. You could write code that would work on an Apple IIc, II+, IIe and a IIGS (with expanded abilities of course on that machine). But when the Macintosh came along, it seemed like there was a major shift, and I gave up at that point. I haven't found a reason to go back.