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View Thread: Since we have so many Linux users in here: a nice converstion
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    This is my first post on Channel 9.  I've been watching videos and reading the forums for a long time but the abhorrent, spiteful attitude of a certain "corona_coder" has forced me to make a post.

    Dear corona_coder,

    Personally I think your attitude stinks.  Before you get on your "I'm so much better than you because I use Linux" soapbox can I just say that I run Linux too. Ubuntu 6.10 and Whitebox to be precise. I work for a small company in the UK and look after their IT infrastructure.  We have 4 servers here each running Ubuntu and we have Linux on the majority of our desktops.  Some users are running Windows 2000, we also have some Macintosh's in our design platform. We all communicate via Samba and NFS.

    On my desk I have 4 machines each with differing operating systems : Mac OS 10.4, WhiteBox Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu 6.10 Desktop, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (SP4). No one operating system is better than the other. All have their plus points, all have their minuses.

    When you say serious computer scientists don't use Windows does that include me?  I would say that I'm a serious computer scientist - having a first class honours degree in Computer Science. Hell, I remember when doing my degree we focused an awful lot on Windows NT4.0 and the upcoming NT5.0 (Windows 2000). I had to read David Solomon's and Mark Russinovich's "Inside Microsoft Windows 2000" from cover to cover and memorise to pass one of my vital exams. So I'm not a computer scientist?

    I think you really do need to come down from your high horse mate. I love Linux just as much as you do but I really don't see the point of coming on a forum like this with the main intention of winding people up.  First of all it's very childish and second it's not fair.  We all feel very passionate about what we do. Yes, that includes the Microsoft guys too.

    The majority of the world uses Windows and will do for an awful long time yet.  Deal with it. If you want to get the message across that you think Linux is a much better platform than I think you can do it so much better and in a much more grown up manner. 

    I've been pushing Linux for years and seeing clowns like you come onto forums like this and behave the way you do makes me sick!

    You came on here not long ago and declared that you were making your last ever post on channel 9.  For the sake of the Microsoft guys here and also the vast majority of decent Linux users, please do send us your last post.