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View Thread: Since we have so many Linux users in here: a nice converstion
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    I mostly install GNU/Linux to either mess around with or to code on and build Haiku.

    For playing around I tend to stick with what get's me up and running the quickest which usually tends to be Ubuntu. I like the mix between the relative stability of Debian and the "bleeding edge" mentality of OpenSuSE.

    For coding I stick with a minimal, console-based enviroment I've cobbled together on top of Arch. No huge fan of their packaging system but I like it's bare-bone style and ease of managment.

    Edit: I also have three Unix systems gathering dust in a closet, one DEC Alpha PWS500AU running Tru64 and two SGI Indigo2 of which one is running IRIX 6.5 and the other one's for spare parts.