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View Thread: Are bloggers pandering to terrorism
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    ScanIAm wrote:
    As for threatening, hire a bodyguard if you feel threatened.  Or call the police.  Hiding out in her house is just a sympathy move that essentially brought her into the limelight (thanks to scooby and crew).  Prior to that, I've never heard of her.

    Unfortunately, this blog-based 'cult of me' thing tends to bring out those kinds of people.  You have narcissistic navel-gazers on one end (bloggers) and hero-hating/worshipping sociopaths on the other end (fans).

    I guess you didn't read her post properly and forget that although she is well known, she is not as you seem to be assuming, a celebrity with a big purse.  Bodyguards are expensive and for an IT professional just trying to do their job of teaching people about good design practice this shouldn't be necessary. 

    She has involved the police but that doesn't make her feel safe, and why would it... the police can only do so much, they can't be there 24/7.

    United approach would be good, so long as everyone can agree on the correct course of action... and people refuse to tollerate and stop encouraging this sort of behaviour online.