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View Thread: Are bloggers pandering to terrorism
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    Cybermagellan wrote:
    Sabot wrote:

    The great thing about a blog is it's yours you have control over it, it does not have control over you so if you don't like a comment, delete it, forget about freedom of speech if it crosses your personal line and after all it's your blog so you set the boundary. I see no problem at all with switching anonymity off if you wish to.

    Perfectly said. That's why I'm kinda "blah" on Scoble taking a week off about it.

    I can totally understand why Scoble has taken the week off... If I were in either his or Kathy's position I would disengage for a while to collect my thoughts, calm down and then find a logical approach to dealing with the situation.  Stopping blogging does not mean that he has totally disengaged from the net, comments of his can be found all over the web, just not on his blog site.

    Regarding Sabot's comment about having control over your blog... this is true, but what you don't have control over is other peoples blogs, message boards and websites.  I agree with the fact that you can delete comments on your own sites that are crossing the line as well... I do the same... inappropriate comments are deleted from my site... in fact let me correct that, they are never published in the first place!  The people that try this don't get a chance to gain any glory from it... they are cut off, ignored and turned away.... (and on occasion added to a blacklist!)

    I for one don't tollerate this sort of threatening behaviour online and I don't expect others to endorse it either.  Those who endorse it are as guilty as those who are being threatening in the first place.  If you see this behaviour on your sites, remove it, do not encourage, do not rise to it, and do not tollerate it! 

    Question:  How many people on C9 have been threatened online via blogs, message boards etc? Also is this a gender thing or not... I personally doubt it but the question keeps coming up online all over the place.