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    dentaku said:
    I know this is an OLD post but do you currently use Cubase in Vista 32bit?
    If so, what kind of audio hardware do you use? Is it an external USB/1394 box or do you use an actual card?

    I know someone who needs to buy a new computer soon and if he gets something with Vista on it I'd like to know what kind of hardware he should get to make Cubase work right with as little latency as possible (isn't that what we all want) when he's using many tracks and lots of effects.

    Hey Dentaku, I'm actually running Vista x64. If this person is buying a new computer, I _highly_ recommend running x64. You can get quite the affordable machine from an OEM like HP that is a monster of a machine with at least 6GB. If he is doing a lot of audio work, the extra RAM will be much used.

    I actually switched from Cubase over to SONAR and am loving it. Sonar is very 64-bit friendly too and works very well with Vista. For an audio interface, I'm using the Edirol FA-66. It's a firewire interface that has perhaps the _most_ rock-solid Vista drivers out there for any audio interface. Between the driver support and the firewire bus, you can achieve _very low_ latencies. But the FA-66 only has two (or four) inputs. So if this person is wanting to do a lot more extensive of live recording, they will need a different interface with more inputs obviously.