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    HumanCompiler wrote:

    We don't have a guy name yet (I'll keep Ross in mind  ), but we have a girl's name.  I actually had a dream a while back about having a daughter, so we're using the name from my dream if it's a girl.

    I imagine Rory may be tempted to suggest Rory; I'll suggest Oscar.

    Why is it everyone always has their girls names sorted, but can't think of boys names? We're at least 5 years off having children, but we've figured out a girls name already.

    But then again, we're probably not going to get cats (my fiancee has allergies), and I've figured out cats names too... If you feel cruel you could always use of my cats names and call a son Tybalt.

    We used to live near someone who had four boys, and all their names began with M, I used to think that was aweful, but now I can see their point... Boys names just aren't as fun.