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    Many congrats to you and your wife.  The first is always the most memorable.

    Coincidently, we are expecting our 4th baby right around the same time you are expecting yours.

    Your world is about to change in ways you never expected.
    But in a good way!

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    Congratulations Erik! Big Smile

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    Just thought of this, and I'm sorry already but...

    If your child turns out to be a geek does that mean they'll be YAHCC (Yet Another Human Compiler Compiler.)

    Or perhaps YAHHCC (Yet Another Human Human Compiler Compiler...)
    Or YaHCHC (you get the idea...)

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    Thanks everyone!  Much appreciated!  Smiley

    Some common thoughts seem to be around this being life changing and the code not being that great.

    First off, yes, I know the code isn't perfect.  I was originally going to put a disclaimer on the code, but figured it would be more fun to let you guys point out things about.  That and show just how geeky you all really are.  Tongue Out  One comment though.  The Parent array was to get around a lack of multiple inheritence in .NET.  OMG, I'm stopping right now.  Wink

    As for this being life changing stuff, I definitely know.  What I don't know is how exactly it will be different and how much different.  I'm extremely excited and nervous all at the same time.  Big Smile

    Oh and I'd say there's a pretty good chance the new little one will be into computers or music.  Computers, well, because I'll make sure they grow up with them and music because my wife is an opera singer and my mom has perfect pitch (and I guess worth mentioning, I was a band geek before finding computers and programming).

    /me excited!  Thanks again everyone!

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    "Big Congrats!" Smiley

    But I also have 4 boys, so I have to add:

    "Enjoy it while it lasts!" Cool

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    Or is it conga rats:

    Tongue Out

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    I talked to Jason Olson a couple of weeks ago and told him "you have no idea what's coming and no one can tell you what to expect because it's different for every person who is a parent."

    And it's true, you have no idea what's coming, what it's going to be like, neither does anyone else.

    Hmmmm, winter in western Washington, 20 week ultrasound(?) When was the blackout again? Wink I bet a lot of babies are born in September in WA this year.

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    HumanCompiler wrote:
    Just thought I'd have a little fun with our announcement to you all on Channel 9 with a little quick piece of code...

    Seems like a lot of work when the BCL already has Object.Clone(). But that wouldn't be legal in the US, would it...

    Congrats! Smiley

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    Congrats on the new life, and life changing experience.

    I have 3, not sure we’ll have more.

    Cheers !! Big Smile

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    Congradulations. Your life will take on meaning that you will not be able to undo.

    HumanTraits is a derived class, no?

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    Way to go, Erik! Compiling a new little exeCUTEable. Now you really are a Human Compiler. I wish you and your wife the best of luck, and a healthy baby.

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    Ion Todirel


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    Congrats indeed, best wishes to you and your family. Remember to indoctrinate him properly in the way of the empire. Wink

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    Thanks again everyone!  Smiley

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    Hey congrats HC! Smiley

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    Congratulations .. make the most of your last days on the xbox!

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    Where's the update?

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    phreaks wrote:
    Where's the update?

    On Twitter Smiley

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