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    John Melville-- MD

    Bobinho wrote:
    Interesting Andy.

    We want to build a word processor that is aimed specifically at academics. We all come from a Mac dev background but we think there is a real need for a credible alternative to Word on the Windows platform.

    I think what is bugging some of the people is that an simple and vaguely stated question is being asked about an extrodinarially difficult problem.  While it is possible you are, jutifiably, trying to hide the details of your idea; it makes some of us wonder if you understand how difficult a task writing a word processor is.

    I am using WPF on two real world projects, and it is certianly "production strength".  It will reliably put text anywhere on the screen you want it to.  You aren't going to use many of the advanced text or layout features anyway.  If you're a word processor, layout and flow of the text is what you do and you wouldn't dream of handing over that much of your core functionality to anybody's library.

    So yes, WPF is production grade.  If your real question is "Can I spend a few months learning XAML and put out 'a credible alternative to Word?'" the simple aswer is: Forget it.  The Word code base is over a decade old, with tons of little fixes for things that didn't quite work right, and now do.  Word is actively maintained and enhanced by a large team of programers at huge expense.  Your, or anyone's, inibility to duplicate that accomplishment, let alone exceed it, in a short ammount of time is not an indictment of WPF, its just a matter of fact.

    I would be interested to know what makes word not an acceptable alternative for you.  I have written academic papers for both computer science and medicine in Word without a problem.  Word is very extensible.  An add-in that provided the functionality you needed could turn a formidible competitor (Microsoft Word) into an asset.