W3bbo wrote:

RobertScoble wrote: I just saw a secret Microsoft project that I can't talk about (I was shown it in confidence by a Microsoft executive who was NOT named Ray Ozzie <g>. But, it's the kind of small thing that I was hoping to see at Mix that'd demonstrate that Microsoft has a Web strategy.

I know exactly what that strategy is, and quite frankly I don't think it'll work. It looks to those inside Microsoft (and their sycophants) as something original to counter the gains made by {a certain company} after their initial approach in 2001 (which won them many fans, btw), but I see it as yet another contrived and poorly-conceived service. It'll go the same way as the Zune, after a year it'll drift into obscurity and be long forgotten.

Microsoft did something similar to this "strategy" in 1999 with Hotmail, I never really saw how it ended (but I know it didn't end spectacularly well either)

Scoble, methinks you need to fire up your ability to criticise Microsoft again, I don't know how you can say this demonstrates Microsoft has a working web strategy.

Uh... Scoble has been criticizing Microsoft lately.

I've been one of the most vocal about the lengths he's recently gone to slam us.

Frankly, I find this message very welcome. There's already enough crap going on.

Anyway, what are you talking about? It's the end of the day, my brain is dead from a long day (and night), and I'm not doing a good job of guessing...