Charles wrote:
Plus, you'll finally get to hear what Ozzie has been noodling on for so long...C

How can you be sure that his team is going to be finished by then? I sure hope he doesn't get pressure to come out with unfinished code.

Microsoft made that mistake with Longhorn (hyping it up before it was really ready to be hyped up). I was wrong to take part in that, but I really didn't know just how bad it was. From looking at the demos I thought it was ready. I, and others, are going to be far more skeptical the next time around.

I know Ray's team is working hard to remain quiet until they have real code to ship. But, anyone in development knows how hard it is to really nail a date. Since Mix was planned a long time ago, I don't want Ray to feel pressure to talk about something that's vapor. If he does, he'll really blow his team's chances at getting the world's attention.

That all said, I really hope he hits a grand slam home run at Mix. If he doesn't, there will definitely be chatter about Microsoft's Internet Strategy failures yet again. No matter how pissed Rory gets.