>I've been one of the most vocal about the lengths he's recently gone to slam us.

Microsoft has deep problems. If you think it doesn't, just read http://minimsft.blogspot.com/ sometime.

Attacking me will make you feel better, but it won't make those problems go away.

Great to know you'll kiss me everytime I say something nice about Microsoft and pull out the attack guns everytime I say something nasty.

Personally, I'll call them as I see them. Sometimes Microsoft sucks, sometimes it is brilliant.

I'm still hoping I see a real Internet strategy. Today's secret demo was a small start, but a long way from competing with Google and with the startup culture that even Ballmer is worried about (cause it continues to run away from Microsoft's platforms).

Robert Scoble
http://www.scobleshow.com (Star developer Joel Spolsky is on my show today).