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The REAL problem with Channel 9 these days...

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    This is the problem: CHANNEL 9 IS WAY TOO POPULAR! Don't get me wrong, I have watched channel 9 for over 2 years... and it has a load of great content. The problem is, it attracts more than .NET developers or even Windows enthusiasts. It attracts Linux people and Steve Job's feet kissers. People are seeking attention by creating DRAMA.

    For example, take this innocent post about Mix. IT TURNED INTO A RORY VS. SCOBLE BRAWL! Take it outside, Ron Artest! We don't need that in Channel 9 forums! That's just too much. Battle it with you blogs, not on a forum.

    Second, people are saying that they are *leaving*. Why is this? BECAUSE THERE IS DRAMA SO THEY NEED TO CREATE MORE DRAMA!

    I know Channel 9 has had a bad week, but seriously. Everyone needs to grow up!

    Hope this helps some confusion.

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    I'm leaving!


    Hey, maybe THAT will create more drama!

    Moooooommmmmmmyyyyyyyy Rory started it!

    Did not.

    Did to!

    Did not!

    Did to!


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    Scoble, just keep being you. You know you're family...

    Nothing wrong with debate/argument/ sibling dispute. It's good for us! It's natural.

    Keep on posting,

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    >Keep on posting.

    Damn you Charles, you always have to take the fun out of this! Smiley

    Back to Twitter!


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    With the coming imminent collapse of the free software world as we know it, I'm sure the trolls here will come to their senses. They will practically be BEGGING Rory for a trip to Mix.

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