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Searching for an old Computer Game

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    I'm searching for an old PC game that I forgot the name of.  I forgot when and how long ago I played it, but it was in the 90s.  I am hoping someone here could help me.

    Description of the game:

    It was basically a 2-D action game.  It involved battling between different characters throughout different stages using many different weapons and upgrades.   Characters that I remember being in the game are ninjas, walkers, aliens, helicopter boy, humans, fire demon.  It also had NPCs such as seals and lemmings.  There is a mission mode for which some of the missions were to either kill or save these NPCs.  Examples of weapons are the usual grenades, rocket launcher, pistol, machine gun, fire launcher, chainsaw etc....

    -Stages are 2-D rectangles with obstacles with some graffitti in the background.

    -Ninjas and aliens could cling onto walls. 

    -Aliens looked like the aliens  from the move Aliens.

    -Walkers are robots that can fire laser beams.

    -Not sure: Helicopter Boy had yellow hair with a red shirt.  Able to fly with a Helicopter backpack machine.

    -The fire demon was basically a boss in the mission mode that could shoot fireballs and scorch w/e is touching it.

    Well, that's pretty much what I remember about it.  Hopefully, I gave enough detail.  Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank You

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    Apache Attack. GIYF.

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    When you find out the name check out

    EDIT: Wow! Until I posted I didn't realise how spamish that could look, but I promise you it works!

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