RoyalSchrubber wrote:

Ambition wrote: All it needs now is a 'dock to top of screen' option...

That's not all it needs. I would like WMP to have alarm clock playing capability with play lists...

Anyone else uses computer for alarm clock? 
Does anybody know a good program that would have play list option, not just single mp3s?

Every song that I set as alarm, I start hating after few repeats. I mean somehow my brain just can't take it. I hate sounds that wake me up .
I also stopped setting favourite songs as alarm, I don't want them hate... Anyway if I could set playlists maybe it would fix the problem. (or I would just start hating whole bands..)

You can have a playlist as an alarm clock using the task scheduler.

Just go to the scheduler through the start menu and create a simple task. Have it open an application but when you browse for the app, instead select the playlist you want. To make it random set WMP to shuffle.