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WPF/E installed but it doesn't work

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    Hope I got the right place to ask this question. If not, please accept my apologies.

    Just wondering as I've downloaded the WPF/E CTP SDK and the WPF/E runtime. First installed the SDK, WPF/E samples didn't work. Rebooted. Installed the runtime, still no success. Unistalled both, installed runtime, still no success. Started IE7 as Administrator, still can't see WPF/E pages. Even disabled Antivirus to make sure no browser plug-in installation is blocked. All I'm getting is that I require WPF/E when trying to access a WPF/E site.
    The problem is on Vista Business. UAC is off.

    Any ideas and hints are very much appreciated.

    Thank you for your time and efforts,


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    are you running 64 or 32?
    I have installed it on Ultimate and XP Pro without issue,  what addons are in IE?

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    Ernie Booth

    Are you still having problems?  If so please email me.


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