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View Thread: Iran/U.K. - Worlds first double pwnage?
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    billh wrote:
    Sourcecode wrote: It’s kind of sick if we attack a country because their leaders are nucking futs. 

    Here's the catch: that country has a leader who thinks it's his duty to bring about worldwide armageddon. He actually wants that to happen. How do you confront that type of thinking? I dunno, but I think the next few days will be very telling, as will this summer.

    I agree something needs to be done. I just don’t like the idea of nukes going off in heavily populated areas killing innocent Iranians (that I don’t know but may someday like to). The idea that we use the alleged “kidnapping of 15 British (or otherwise)” military personnel for a pretext to attack a country where most people probably don’t even have a choice.

    I don’t get how the US/UK/France/UN heck most of the free world can’t find a couple hundred bad apples in the barrel and take em out. I mean come on, we have smart laser sighted missiles that can hit a fly on a pile of camel crap from 1000 km away. Though I do understand the reluctance to do so.

    I just hope there is another way besides all out war because that's what it'll be; World War 3.