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View Thread: Iran/U.K. - Worlds first double pwnage?
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    littleguru wrote:
    Refrax wrote: 
    Bas wrote: 
    daSmirnov wrote: Kidnapped?  Iran has the right to defend its borders from foreign intrusion.

    Not by arresting foreign soldiers in foreign waters. There still hasn't been any conclusive evidence that shows wether they were in Iraq's or Iran's waters. It's Iran's word against that of Britain and an Indian freightship.

    didn't Britain have GPS data that shows they were not in Iran's waters?

    There is no clear border in that region. And the "we were not in Iran's waters" thing was just mentioned the first day. Nothing afterwards. I think they were just wrong... They were in Irianian waters.

    Quite possible, and if the boundary is so vague, this was probably a bit of the Iranian military showing some strength around their borders.  It seems to have all worked out well, and as long as they weren't tortured, neither the UK nor Iran look bad in my eyes.