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View Thread: Iran/U.K. - Worlds first double pwnage?
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    Bas wrote:
    Amadhinejad (or however you spell that) is taking a lot of flak from his own countrymen as well. Even the ajatollah there wasn't too keen on his talk of religious visions and messages from God. I think a lot of people from the Iranian government aren't too keen on worldwide armageddon either. If their president goes too far, they won't sit back and watch.

    Actually, Amadhinejad is NOT the supreme leader of Iran; Ali Khamenei is. And I don't believe he's too keen on where Amadhinejad is trying to take things. Plus, Khamenei controls the military, so Amadhinejad (by the way, that's WAY too hard to type, so from now on I will be referring to as "Andy") can't just "charge off" to war on his own, he needs permission.