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View Thread: Iran/U.K. - Worlds first double pwnage?
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    littleguru wrote:
    There is no clear border in that region. And the "we were not in Iran's waters" thing was just mentioned the first day. Nothing afterwards. I think they were just wrong... They were in Irianian waters.

    Odd that... cause all we’ve heard in the US was the assertion from the British that they were in Iraqi waters and not Iranian.

    Angus wrote:
    I personally think that we (the British) should have made a conditional apology, stating that "if we were in Iranian waters then we are sorry about this and it will not happen again", thus making sure that the apology does not apply if we were in fact not in the waters.

    Wouldn’t the problem with that be the idea that perception can often become reality?

    The Iranians contend that the sailors and marines were captured in Iranian waters and with such a vague quasi apology it doesn’t take much for them to spin it as a full blown confession... something they are already doing with an alleged letter written to them by the British Government which plays right into the Iranians hands as they’ve been demanding that Brittan admit guilt right from the start.

    End result... Iran and President Ahmadinejad gets to come off looking respectable by being so forgiving of the actions of a few individuals only following orders and victorious because the evil British empire has taken the blame.