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View Thread: Expressions vs Adobe? pros/cons (MS Staff Welcome)
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    ixdatul wrote:

    As the title says I'm looking for the pros/cons in Expressions/Adobe, so I can judge which stack I will be trying this year ie: CS3 or Expressions. Any opinions welcome with the exception of "run Linux and use <enter Linux equivelant here>" I'm a VB.NET dev in nature <see avatar>, and have been using Windows as my primary OS since 3.11. Although I appreciate you're love for your OS selection, it is not my own.

    Discuss and Thank You.


    pros/cons for what sort of task, I think you need to be more specific to get a good and usefull answer. There probaly is a difference between using the applications to for example design for print press and design for desktop applications.

    I can't tell you them, but I assume the expression suite is more targeted towards creating online content. And adobe has a wide range of products, where some can be used for online and some for offline content creation.