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View Thread: Expressions vs Adobe? pros/cons (MS Staff Welcome)
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    erik_ wrote:
    ixdatul wrote: 

    As the title says I'm looking for the pros/cons in Expressions/Adobe, so I can judge which stack I will be trying this year ie: CS3 or Expressions. Any opinions welcome with the exception of "run Linux and use <enter Linux equivelant here>" I'm a VB.NET dev in nature <see avatar>, and have been using Windows as my primary OS since 3.11. Although I appreciate you're love for your OS selection, it is not my own.

    Discuss and Thank You.


    pros/cons for what sort of task, I think you need to be more specific to get a good and usefull answer. There probaly is a difference between using the applications to for example design for print press and design for desktop applications.

    I can't tell you them, but I assume the expression suite is more targeted towards creating online content. And adobe has a wide range of products, where some can be used for online and some for offline content creation.

    I prefer to design my own images for projects (illustrator and photoshop for touch up), if I want immersive user content i'll occasionally use Flash. For documentation typically Acrobat. and for markup editing and the occasional Javascript, I use Dreamweaver. Ocaasionally use Fireworks, but not too often.

    I guess the better question is, was the evangelist at the conference correct in stating that Expressions could accomplish all of this, while still giving access to WPF "design mode", and if so, what functionalities are missing in one vs the other that I might miss, or want?