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View Thread: Zune in europe?
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    Chadk wrote:
    blowdart wrote:
    BlackTiger wrote: 

    There are no single reason to buy Zune if you have iPod.

    yea but he doesn't *have* an iPod. Your arguement makes little sense. (And then there's the mess that's iTunes and it's forcing of QuickTime onto systems)

    I do actually have an ipod. I have the old shuffle.
    But you know what? ITunes is the worst software i used. It didnt work on my old x64 computer. Doesnt work on this x64 computer.
    So it kinda rendered my ipod useless.
    And it forces me, like you point out, to install quicktime, which is *LAME*

    Zune got nice design.
    Cool features
    Size that fits me.
    Well worked hardware.

    You can also look into Creative Zen. I got a Zen V and it works very nice. Only drawback so far is that it doesnt remember where you stopped listening to a podcast Sad. So no bookmarks, but the fast forward works very well Wink. Also as a replacement for iTunes, you can use mediamonkey, apparently it now also syncs with iPods, though I havent tried it yet.