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View Thread: What is going on with the remix mix 07 contest?
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    Larsenal wrote:
    Hopefully they will remedy the situation.  If not, it'd be just my luck. I actually won another contest here on C9 and never got the promised prize.  They just stopped answering my emails.

    It's really painful to encounter this kind of thing when the very event is something only for most loyal enthusiasts.  Ironically, although the contest was likely designed to generate buzz and interest I would have been much happier if I had never attempted to participate.
    Wow...which contest? Was it one held by the moderators here or someone else?

    Microsoft doesn't seem to be having a very good track record lately with contests (even though it sounds like they fixed the date issue on this Mix contest).

    Remember this thread? I wonder if the community here made a difference in that case...