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    Yes that right, you heard me. I LOVE INTERNET EXPLORER!

    I'm so bored of hearing "Improve this, improve that." When I think that IE is great as it is. I know it has a few security holes, but at least they're being found and then fixed. I bet you there are a lot of security holes in the other browsers that haven't been fixed.

    "I want tabbed browsing. Waa waa waa!" Well put this up your pipe and smoke it. Now do you want tabbed browsing?

    "I want a download manager. Waa waa waa!" Get over it, just go and search for Download manager on Google and download one of the millions of download managers. If IE did have a download manager, some EU guy would be suing them and forcing an unistall option (WMP anyone?)

    "I want IE to support standards. Waa waa waa!" The only thing that doesn't support standards is website programmers. IE makes standards. So all standards should support IE, not the other way around.

    So get over it people, either change browsers or shut the F*** up!!!!!!!!!

    Well that's my rant for the week. No, more like year.