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    phunky_avocado wrote:
    I'm glad someone raised that point.  I think that most of the people who complain about IE's perceived lack of standards support are web designers and DHTML programmers and not web application developers.

    I'm a web application developer and I find myself constantly irked by IE's uneven behavior.  The standards are designed to degrade nicely to different levels of support.

    I predict huge turmoil in the web development community when IE 7 (or Longhorn, or whatever it's called when it's released) comes out.  There will be a battle between IE-isms of today and IE-isms of the future.

    It's ironic that a bunch of rag-tag browsers developed by volunteers and diverse companies (Firefox, Safari, Konqueror...) work better together than do different versions of IE which were all made by the same company.  Standards support works.