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    Loadsgood wrote:
    "I want IE to support standards. Waa waa waa!" The only thing that doesn't support standards is website programmers. IE makes standards. So all standards should support IE, not the other way around.

    The problem with that is some of the so called standards are tied to the OS, like CSS filters. AFAIK these are interpreted by DirectX (which is part of Windows).
    That is why you get an independent organisation to develop standards - so any browser could implement them as they are platform independent.

    You will never get another browser that works the same way as Internet Explorer for Windows. Even IE for Mac works differently - so that shows even Microsoft can't do that.

    The whole point of standards is somewhere to aim for. It does not mean you can't define your own (after all innerHTML was a Microsoft invention, but was implemented by other browser as it is so useful).

    The things some people want are implemented by third parties (tabbed browsing with Maxthon), but some are not possible, unless Microsoft does them (CSS compliance, alpha transparent PNG's).

    If people can do this without being paid (i.e. Mozilla developers), why can't Microsoft? Perhaps they are, and we will see a new browser before Longhorn that has better standards support.