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    ""I want tabbed browsing. Waa waa waa!" Well put this up your pipe and smoke it. Now do you want tabbed browsing?"
    -in windows you can be tricked into installing software...  and yet people use it.  theres a LOT more spoofing targeted at MS (dialog look-alike ads) as well.  not sure this is the best example against IE as past IE holes didn't need to trick the user, they just took the info or installed apps to do it...

    ""I want a download manager. Waa waa waa!" Get over it, just go and search for Download manager on Google and download one of the millions of download managers. If IE did have a download manager, some EU guy would be suing them and forcing an unistall option (WMP anyone?)"
    -because having a lot of apps open is the best idea.  installing app-of-the-days is an invitation to spyware.

    WMP is too big brother ever since i saw the legal agreement for i think WMP7.  when i use windows i have my firewall block WMP and try to find alternatives to WMP.

    ""I want IE to support standards. Waa waa waa!" The only thing that doesn't support standards is website programmers. IE makes standards. So all standards should support IE, not the other way around."
    -IE sure doens't handel png right.  also:

    also, IE only makes de-facto standards, not including things like VBScript and JScript (javascript-like) and ASP i guess.  HTML, javascript, XML, XHTML, flash(ugh), and java aren't really IE-made standards.  perl/python and php definately aren't IE-made standards

    you left popup blocking off the list.  i assume you have a free popup blocker app installed as well?

    i use firefox -- it works on my computer (linux on x86), my server (linux on sparc64), and my workstation (windows 2000 on x86).