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    Blkbam wrote:
    object88 wrote: Tabbed browsing saves me untold amounts of screen clutter.

    So does a second monitor.

    You try to convince my boss that I need a second monitor, not to mention a second graphics card or a whole new one to support multiple monitors.

    You try to convince my wife (or even me!) that it's better to spend $500+ on a second decent LCD-- there's no way or room to go back to a CRT-- when instead it could be spent on a vacation or other fun project.

    Second monitor?  Not gonna happen.  Firefox / tabbed browsing?  Been happening for a long time now.  Smiley

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    Sven Groot wrote:
    Maurits wrote:1) User Agent Sniffing
    There's a plugin for Firefox - User Agent Switcher - that allows you to (temporarily) change the User-Agent header to whatever you like.

    God, I hate those kinds of plugins. I sometimes do User Agent sniffing, but not to limit access to certain browsers, but to exclude browsers that I know don't work.

    And I hate those kinds of sites. Wink  The problem is that when the browser fixes the bug, your site still excludes the browser.  That's not fair.

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