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    Hello Niners,

    I'm looking for a superb ASP.NET host. Can anyone recommend me a host with these criteria satisfied?

    - ASP.NET 2 (critical)
    - Third-party components may be installed (critical)
    - 5-20 TB monthly data transfer (critical)
    - 5 GB or more space (important)
    - 1/2-1 GB database size
    - MS SQL Server or MySQL
    - ODBC or ADO
    - Preferably large blob size allowed (non critical)
    - Preferably large form uploads allowed (non critical)

    It turns out to be a bit difficult to find such a provider at a "fairly reasonable price". Especially with large data transfer.

    The only host I've found which really had outstanding specifications (in the leage of "Too good to be true"), is Global Internet Solutions (GIS), and guess what? They may just be "Too good to be true". I'm still awaiting whether they'll accept third-party components, but after reading those reviews, I'm not sure I really care, one way or another.

    I've found Linux and PHP hosting to be cheaper overall, for example, but we really need ASP.NET.

    Another promising host is Gate (by Affinity). But even highest profile dedicated servers only go up to 5 TB data transfer (well, "only"). And then the price is in another league.

    If nothing better pops up, we'll probably go for Gate, but we're seriously worried about going through the roof with the data transfer. That thought doesn't give a good nights sleep...

    I hope you can help. Smiley

    Best regards

    PS If you can recommend a good book on ASP.NET, in particular with focus on databinding, that'd be great too. Big Smile