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Creating image file from harddisk... is there any way?

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    As we can create a image file of the CD and save it into .iso file... Is there any way to create image file from the files located on the harddisk?

    Say... the content (all) of the XP OS CD is copied to the HDD, and creating the image of this....

    (hope this is a way)

    Btw: I have XP CD, and I can create the image from CD, but I have WIN-2K Prof/AS, Win98 on the HDD, so nio CD with me, and If image file can be made from the physical files on HDD, then I can use them on VPC. Big Smile

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    Sven Groot

    Yes, you can create an image from your hard disk, using something like Symantec Ghost.

    No, you cannot use images like this in VPC.

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    Two things come into mind:

    1) As far as I know, Norton Ghost 2003 has a viewer that allows you to access files inside ghost images. But I think that not what you ask.

    2) It seems that the backup program comes with Vista can backup things in .vhd format it you perform a "Complete Backup". Perheps if you have spare harddisk, you can perform mini install of Vista on it (not activate it), then use the backup utility to clone the harddisk(s) out.

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    As people above mentioned Ghost can image partitions and also restore images to partitions.  Vista can image the hard drive too.  Just to clear things up "image" is a generic term; it isn't a file format.  Images in VPC, ISOs, and images created by Ghost are all different.

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    Sven Groot wrote:

    Yes, you can create an image from your hard disk, using something like Symantec Ghost.

    No, you cannot use images like this in VPC.

    Yes we can...

    If you use Nero or some other thing to create the image of the CD which contains OS files bootable, then this .iso file can be reffered to in the VPC and it takes the files from there, or CD drive will do.

    I don't think that Sym-Ghost will do this job... I guess, because it will be just the image file of the HDD, but VPC needs the image file of the CD which is bootable, not just CD that has files....

    So my approace, did'nt made any sense, then I got the CD of w2kprof, made an image of it and then refered it to the VPC so the job is done, here below.

    Free Image Hosting at

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    if you can run the setup programs on the disks from your HD then all you need to do is burn them to a disc to use them, the only differance between an image and just copying the files to your disk is that it copies copywite protection stuff as well, if that stuff was present on your disks and you just copied all the files you may as well delete them they're useless, if not burning the files to disc will let you use them again

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