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Coderush, who is using it?

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    Who of you guys is using DevExpress' Coderush? I have nothing similar installed and I wonder if the thing is worth its money.

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    Why dont you do the trial? Scroll down theres a little "try it" link.


    It looks pretty good, id probably use it if i could buy it...


    Mind you, if i could buy things id be massively in-debt (which i never plan to be) and would have a different car and chauffeur for every day of the week/month/year.

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    *Raises his hand*

    I think its worth it, if you got the money Smiley
    Its a tad expensive tho.

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    Ion Todirel

    littleguru wrote:
    Who of you guys is using DevExpress' Coderush? I have nothing similar installed and I wonder if the thing is worth its money.
    i don't know, you know in Visual Studio .NET 2003 it was so great, but in Visual Studio 2005 i really don't need it (thanks to new features in VS 2005). Also CodeRush is a little slow. Try the trial version, if you are happy with it, buy it.

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    I have a copy of it and it does save some time, which can add up, but I won it in a drawing at my .NET user group meeting last summer.

    There are a lot of things it can do that I haven't taken time to explore or configure.

    I would spend money on reference books instead of CodeRush and Refactor Pro.

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    John Galt

    I own it, but don't use it for two reasons (I have it with my devexpress subscription):

    1.  It slows down 2005's code editor, which is already a dog to start with and it's brutal with coderush because it can take seconds to do anything. Again this isn't a problem with coderush, when 2005 is behaving itself, all is great, but since 2005 rarely behaves itself, coderush gets nasty.

    2. It is designed for people that build lines of code left to right and think that way. I build code with the brackets completed etc. and then stuff the stuff in after the fact. The end result is that it drives me nuts a lot of the time and I have yet to figure out how to turn off everything that I don't like about it.... I do love the outlining on light lines for curly lining up though...

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    If you are looking for something to improve your productivity, try Visual Assist X. It's sort of like Intellisense on steroids. It actually does a lot of cool stuff but doesn't get in the way (usually:)).

    Just recently I created a blog post on it. If you're interested, you can read about it here, Visual Assist X.

    Visual Assist X is made by a company called Whole Tomato.

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    John Melville-- MD

    I use it, love it, and swear by it.  Didn't know how much I would love it until I got it.  Now I'm refusing to go to orcas until they do.

    Runs great on my machine (AMD athalon 64X2 2 gb memory.)

    It does take a while to grow on you though.  Expect to have the training window open for a while and learn how to code "the code rush way."

    I also love the references window, which I keep open on the right hand side of my wide screen monitor.  Nice to be able to just glance over and see where the identifier under the caret is used.  Gives a very intuitive, and admittedly error-prone, "am I making a big change or a small change" feel.

    Code rush is of course only half the story,  Works best with refactor which blows VS 2005 out of the water.  Not only more refactorings but lots of tiny useful ones for "just cleaning up code" with less risk.  I love the one hotkey "what refactorings can I do here?" feature.

    Anyway for more gushing read their promo literature.  But these products have made me much more productive and are very plesant to use,

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    I wasn't sold on CodeRush while doing the trial.  I was sold 2 days after the trial, having to go back to life without code rush is teh suk.

    The increased speed of creating properties alone is enough to buy it.  Not to mention the Refactor! that comes with it. 

    The ability to  right click to create an interface from a class is awsome. 

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