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    irascian wrote:
    And so it goes on.

    If anyone else has the temerity to voice their opinion (and say "grow a thicker skin") they're "flaming".

    But if the poster voices their opinion which includes calling others "unprofessional", that's all they're doing "voicing their opinion".

    And then we get the inevitable "I'm throwing my toys out the pram and leaving" if someone points out they're being hypocritical.

    Like I said, VERY professional.

    Yes, Scott had EVERY right to say what he said. I had every right to say what I said. Yes, it was ironic because it wasn't professional (on both sides). I was venting just like Scott was. Somehow, you thought that IIIIIII was the _bit*h_.

    It's such a double standard, Rory and Scoble can go at it for days on end, but you and I start having one debate, and I have NO CHANCE to respond to you. I would have loved to have a constructive debate with you, but it gets locked?!?!?!? In the coffeehouse?!?!? Bullsh*t. It's just a waste of time.

    I'm sorry, but at one time I loved the community because we all could rant like this from time to time since we were all friends. I don't suppose I'm mad at you. I'm mad at Charles, truth be told. I'm mad at the Channel 9 staff, I'm just in a bad mood overall. A community I used to love has devolved to sh*t. We STILL have AWESOME videos/screencasts/everything, but the community interaction is so full of egg shells now.

    And here I am being a total clown puncher myself since I'm already posting again Tongue Out.