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    I think you all should just ignore me. I'm being the type of drama queen that has always pissed me off. I'm just stressed about all sorts of things and the locking of the other thread without a chance to defend myself pissed me off.

    Irascian, you have some *excellent* points. I strongly debated with myself whether to include the comment about the MVP status or not. The fact is, Scott does a CRAP LOAD for the community and that can't be ignored. I was going to say "well, I'm not an MVP so I don't have the same standard", but that's not right. I think as an MS employee, I should be held up to the same standards.

    I think in a lot of ways, this was just the last straw for me in my sanity of the day. Oy! I really wish I could delete this thread now, it will annoy me FOREVER. I'm acting like the type of person I hate to see Tongue Out.