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    Jaz wrote:
    Each time i visit here my turns more into a .  Today more so.

    I urge you to rethink Jason, you have been posting here for a long time and it's awesome to have some softies interacting with the community.

    There are plenty of trolls on C9 who have nothing better to do than try and annoy us (and it works which makes me sad), Ian isn't at all one of those, nor is Ross. 

    Neither of them are attacking you or MS.  They're saying yes there are critics of MS and sometimes you need to read what those critics say (if at least constructive) and take in something, you can't always ignore what is being said because whatever you do won't be 100% perfect.

    so cool down, drink some kool aid and come back to us, we can forget this post ever happened.

    I have no problem accepting criticism. In fact, Scott's follow-up post was *AWESOME*. He has some great constructive ideas. He could voice it that way instead of saying that all of us at MS are worthless morons.

    I ONLY posted my opinion here on Channel 9 because I thought it would be some fun discourse (it IS the cofeehouse, after all). I'm wondering though if there isn't some truth to all the trolls concerns about Channel 9 though.