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    JasonOlson wrote:
    And I NEVER said I was being professional. I claimed nothing more than to be sharing my opinion, just like Scott.

    How can I NOT get offended when someone directly calls me "not worth it" and that I'm basically useless? Especially someone who has "clout". Defending your company is right.

    I don't mind "growing a thicker skin." It's one thing when these claims are made by a troll, it's another thing altogether when they are made by someone who is respected in the community.

    But hell, if I were Rory, everyone would be cheering for me. But I'm not, so I'm just a whiney, sniveling, no-for-good M$ employee.

    Well I think if you did a straw poll here on C9 you'd actually find YOU had more clout than Scott. These things are all relative and I think you're reading way too much into them. You have a bunch of people who are glad you're here and want you to stay so why not stick with them and ignore those whose opinions you disagree with. Isn't that what we all do in real life?

    It's true you didn't say you were being professional, but you did say that if you were the one making the decisions you would strip Scott of his MVP for reasons you gave as simply being because you felt that in expressing his opinion he had not been "Professional" (those were your words, not mine). By exactly the same measure you were expressing your opinion. It's not too much of a stretch to say that by your own expressed measure of what is professional and what isn't you broke your own rules.

    Try and get a good night's sleep and then look at the positive support you've had, and think how you'd react if you were Charles (the moderator) and you'd seen endless squabbling on the boards. You've already indicated you've got sick of it over the last few weeks. If you were a moderator, wouldn't you have reached the point where you were so sick of it you'd lock the thread too? Don't take the fact it was a thread you commented on which got locked personally - it's just an unlucky straw that broke the camel's back.

    I promise this is my last post on this topic. Stick around. You have friends here, are generally, as far as I can make out, very well respected and appreciated. And besides I might have nobody to argue with if you go Wink