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    And so it goes on.

    If anyone else has the temerity to voice their opinion (and say "grow a thicker skin") they're "flaming".

    But if the poster voices their opinion which includes calling others "unprofessional", that's all they're doing "voicing their opinion".

    And then we get the inevitable "I'm throwing my toys out the pram and leaving" if someone points out they're being hypocritical.

    Like I said, VERY professional.

    P.S. Why on earth would leaving here have ANY effect on your "chatting privately" with niners? There is no chat room facility here and you appear to be saying "I'm throwing the baby out with the bathwater" which is Angel insulting to those people you say you enjoyed chatting privately with and (b)  kind of justifies the point I made about how comments about "look how proud I am of what I did here" can come across as "arrogance" or "ego".