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Vista per app/device audio

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    I have 2 output devices enabled, an optical port that goes to my reciever and standard pc speakers.

    I want the optical port to take the sound from media player alone, and the speakers to take all other sounds.

    I've managed to do this by disabling the speakers, starting wmp then enabling the speakers again.

    Is there an easier way of switching output devices for individual apps ?

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    Anyone ?


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    Wouldn't that be <bump /> ?

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    Matthew van Eerde

    There was a "roles" feature planned for Vista RTM, but it didn't make the cut.  You can see vestiges of it in the GetDefaultAudioEndpoint doc.

    Device Roles in Windows Vista

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    Thanks for that. It's disappointing though.

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    I was looking for this feature recently too when I had USB headphones plugged into my laptop but some applications were still playing audio through the speakers.

    One of the pages linked to above says "a future version of Windows might enable the user to assign roles to individual devices".  Here's hoping 'a future version of Windows' might mean Vista SP1.

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