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View Thread: I hate Vista's Windows Explorer! [help required]
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    Why, oh why! I can't select more then one file in Vista's Windows Explorer - it's not important which view I select. And the "order columns" are missing in most of the views (see red box)...

    Next UAC takes like hours when I try to open OrcasBeta1VSTS_VPC_8PartsTotal.part01.exe (the first file of the Orcas Beta 1 SFX RAR archive) -- it is 700 MB, but why does UAC take that long? CPU doesn't even go up... Looks like a bug to me! I have no AV installed!


    It's driving me nuts!

    Edit: If I hold down the left mouse button (mouse down event) somewhere (in an empty place in the Windows Explorer) and move it around the so called "selection rectangle" (this semi-transparent blue thing) doesn't show up anymore!

    Somebody from the Windows Shell team here?

    Edit 2: I have seen that a lot of other people have the same problem! There is one solution, but that doesn't work with me. Others are complaining that this fix doesn't work for them too. The fix works only for the first folder I open. If I switch to another folder the problem comes back: it seems as if the settings are corrupt and when opening the second folder the corrupt settings are going to be used again.

    This would be the solution (the one that works only for the first folder I open):

    1. Open Regedit
    2. Navigate to HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\
    3. Delete the Bags & BagMRU keys

    Links to articles on the problem (they always have the same solution - the one that doesn't work):