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View Thread: I hate Vista's Windows Explorer! [help required]
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    "Next UAC takes like hours when I try to open OrcasBeta1VSTS_VPC_8PartsTotal.part01.exe (the first file of the Orcas Beta 1 SFX RAR archive) -- it is 700 MB, but why does UAC take that long? CPU doesn't even go up... Looks like a bug to me! I have no AV installed!..."

    I'm  pretty sure it takes ages because winrar has to check for all connected archives to the one you're opening ..  The same thing on an xp machine, trying to open a large winrar compressed archive, cpu load is pretty much stays around 1-4%, extracting uses as much cpu as possible ... so its more to do with hard drive performance, the less read/writes to the disk the faster it will be at opening the archive up.

    Still Vista explorer does suck, gotta wonder what all those 1000's of beta testers contributed in useful suggestions to the MS teams on Vista's development, or maybe no one was listening..  dunno but i'm still preferring my xp explorer window with addons better.