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    "My situation is I work from my home office, have dual monitors, and passively listen while I program.  I understand others may watch at night or off hours, so shorter content would be great for them, but not chopped up."

    Totally agree with this - I HATE having to go find more content every 15 minutes because of this, because I am actually working, ok, I would like to not be interrupted by having to click to find the next piece.  To me this is the #1 problem with YouTube and other video sites as well. was ok, but you know what, I don't want to see videos of people dying, I want knowledge. is the best I have seen yet for selecting great content automatically, and I have to click only once to skip to the next thing.  StumbleUpon will index Channel9, so that's useful.

    I'd rather if Channel9 just knew what to show me next, and if I don't like the topic, just skip ahead to the next topic, but just make it a seamless conversation, one big long video, forever, that you can jump to, all conversations have a relationship here.  You know you should KNOW what I am working on, and my interests are and try to match up topics to fields of software engineering where the content matters most, even index sections of video for the parts that apply so that when people search for information it's easier to locate applicable sections.

    Hmmmm....  "Contextual Multimedia Indexing for On-Demand Learning".  Over time, the mass of video (and audio) content will grow.  The idea is a method and means for indexing video content over time, based on usage of information supplied by each user, collected from their system, including but not limited to what software is installed and frequency of use on their system, their browsing history, personal information and qualifications, and their immediate focus - what they are currently watching, browsing and reading on the web, the type of software they are writing and so on.  A profile is built and analysed to provide a stream of video and/or audio content that is targeted towards providing the user with information that is related to their task at hand, and/or "work mode, creative mode, relax mode, bleeding edge mode, web development mode, bare metal mode, 50,000 foot mode", that sort of thing, or searches created by the user based on keywords that will find and stream in logical progression based on the user's history and experience, over time the video was recorded if nothing else is available, or using metadata that is.  Keyword searches such as, "Learn Visual Studio Orcas Beta 1", or "System.Query demo".  Over time the system will learn to present the next video in a series that will help a user IN ADVANCE OF THEIR NEED, eventually, REALTIME, On-Demand assistance for even the most basic of tasks.  Everyone start making screencasts!

    The easiest thing would be to start with Visual Studio 2005 dynamic help APIs and link them to all the Channel9 videos and screencasts.

    You guys should hire me.  Smiley I'm serious now.