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    I definitely agree with trying new things and hope my post doesn't deter from that in the future.

    Minh and the others hit it on the head.  If the content warrants it, shorter videos.  Although, I like the longer videos as well.

    My situation is I work from my home office, have dual monitors, and passively listen while I program.  I understand others may watch at night or off hours, so shorter content would be great for them, but not chopped up.

    Charles, keep up the great work though.  More and more in the videos you've grown on me and anytime I hear the long winded questions coming I smile.  I think those are good things.  It makes people think.

    Also, it would be great to see more "inside" hard hitting detail videos about how Microsoft operates and so on.  Sometimes I watch a video for an hour and come away thinking what did I just learn?